A few months back, I connected with Steve from Thornwood Designs regarding the beautiful laser-etched wooden dice boxes he was peddling at our FLGS, The Burrow: Gifts For Geeks. Steve is a long-time friend of the proprietor, who was more than happy to show the product and pass me along his contact information. I immediately knew I wanted to work with Steve on a plan for this year’s convention.

Our relationship started off on a very even keel. He had a cool product and a love for making it, but he wasn’t sure how best to get the word out and let folks know what was available. At this point, even a casual glance at the website will more than likely reveal that this is a fairly young effort, but I wanted to do everything I could to help get his product online and give people a chance to take advantage of his work.

Thornwood boxes come in a small assortment of sizes and styles, and are extremely customizable. Picture the art that you want on your box, and Steve can probably make it happen. If you’re interested in placing an order – or just want more information – I encourage you to visit the contact page and drop him a line.


~ E.

Erik Carl
Director, TsunamiCon LLC

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